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980nm Diode Laser Varicose Spider Vein Removal Permanent Vascular Therapy Laser
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vascular removal terapy

980nm diode laser is one latest technology which is safe and effective treatment for unwanted veins and rosacea . 980 nm diode laser selectively target problem veins while sparing surrounding areas. Spider veins are smaller then varicose veins . They appear to be red, purple, and blue vessels. They are easily visible through the skin . Spider veins are most often seen on the legs and face.
1. 980nm laser optical fiber coupling output technique
2. Small and exquisite handpiece for precise operation
3.Portable and simple to operate
4. Non-contact, non-invasive, no need of special care
5. Quick treatment with outstanding curative effects
6.Clinical Indications
7. Facial vascular
8. Angiotelectasis
1. Couperose skin treatment.
 2. Remove Skin protrusions, milia, warts, fat granule
 3. Remove speckle, age spots, sunburn, pigmentation
 4. Vascular veins removal, blood vessels treatment
 5. Telangiectasias and cherry angioma treatment on face, arms, legs and the whole body

laser type diode laser
wavelength 980nm
voltage AC100-240V 50/60HZ
laser power 30w/25w/20w/15w
frequency 1-5hz
work mode pulse mode
pulse width 15ms-100ms
machine size 35*30*16cm
package size 42*44*22cm

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