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40W RF laser emmiter scars removal vaginal tightening fractional CO2 laser machine
    Publish time 2018-05-20 16:33    


1. Using stable and non-friable RF tube emitter
- Stable and non-friable
- Output uniform energy
- Much smaller trauma spot
- Long lifetime: more than 5 years

2. 3 in 1 System and six treatment heads, one machine offering wide range of applications
- Fractional CO2 Laser for skin rejuvenation and scar removal
- Normal CO2 laser for surgery operation
- Vagnal mode for vaginal tightening and vaginal health

3. Korea imported 7 joint articulated arm,easy operation and emitting the laser energy accurately, greatly reducec the energy loss
4. Friendly operation system, density, depth, and shape, all can be adjusted, very convenient.
5. Use scanning field lens instead of focusing lens for better evenness for scan in a flat. The diameter of spot only 0.1mm.
6. Adopting Germany imported scan mirror, so the accuracy of the treatment is very high and the light refracting speed is fast


Vaginal Treatment:
-- Vaginal Tightening: improve compactness, Vaginal canal tightening

-- Vaginal Rejuvenation:pigment eliminate
-- Vaginal Moist: Increase Secretion
-- Mild vaginitis treatment, Improve incontinence

Other Treatment

1.Smooth out wrinkles and fine lines and clear up sun-damaged skin

2.Shrinking the appearance of pores

3.Skin resurfacing and renewing;

4.Acne and acne scar removal;

5.Smooth burnt scars and surgery scars, dermabrasion etc;

6.Remove intractable chloasmas and pigmentation;

7.Sun damage recovery

Working Parameters

Laser Source Fractional co2 laser
Wavelength 10600nm
Machine power 300w
Laser System 40w
Light system Korea imported 7 joint-arm
Laser tube RF Tube Emitter
Modes Fractional scan & ordinary&normal & virginal
Scan mode 4
Dots quantity Max400
Pulse width 0.02-0.99s
Beam divergence angle 0.4 mrad

Parameter of Korea imported 7 joint-arm

Product Name CO2 Weight Pole Arm
Color Metallic Silver & Rich Gold
Joint 7 Joints, 360 free rotation
Delivery Length abount 1500mm
Clear Aperture 10.8mm
Power 30W/cm2
Place of Origin Korea
Accessories F-50/F-10 Surgical Handpiece, Aiming Set.

Machine details:

Before& after: