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Body Shaping Breast Enlarge Machine Vacuum Therapy Machine Cupping Massager
    Publish time 2018-05-20 17:21    

Working Theroy

This instrument is the most effective and direct breast building instrument, which develops under the basic principle of physiology and physical sucking theory. And its slight but concentrated effect could exercise the muscular tissue mostly (breast muscle develops--next to neural tissue--finally reach hypophysis) and stimulate hypophysis to excrete hormone, thus to exercise muscular tissue stretchy as well as fiber function, also enlarging breast naturally and effectively. It suits Eastern feminine physiology and proved by years of clinical confirmation that it does no harm to human body but does effect for breast beauty.


1. Strong vacuum intensity up to 85Kpa or perfect effect result guarantee.

2. Breast care, full sizes of cups for all kinds breast treatment.

3. Back care, fatness care for every person, good for health, even an athlete.

4. Spacesaving desktop design with special user removable stand.

5. Metal housing, high reliability heavy duty system.

6. 2 stations output, two people concurrent treatments availabl

7. Various tubs for different positions treatments on face, body and limbs.

8. Vacuum intensity and massage frequency exactly adjustable.

Vacuum Intensity Max. 85Kpa, adjustable
AC Power Supply 110V±10%, 220V±10%, 50~60 Hz
Working Temperature: 5-40℃
Working Humidity: ≤80%
Working Noise: ≤65 db
Motor Capability: 32L/min
Dimensions: 85x46x60cm
Packing size: 74x55x82cm(carton)
Net weight: 35kg
Gross Weight: 40kg


1. Breast Care: breast plumping & lifting, correct nipple & chest, recover breast elasticity.

2. Facial Care: Face thinning, remove nose blackhead, acne, eye circle, eye bag, blood marks, double chin & lifting canthus.

3. Back care: Negative pressure metabolism, remove measles, press cavity, toxin excrete, tighten skin, improve skin elasticity, lymph’s toxin removal

4. Fatness Care: Losing weight, slimming, tightening abdomens, slimming waist.