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Newest Design 3D Intelligent Skin Analyzer Machine with 30 Million HD Pixel Camera
    Publish time 2020-01-04 10:31    

Why people need skin analyzer?

skin analyzer makes the skin nursing has enough prove, by accurate skin analyze as well as comparison pictures of before and after treatment. It IS non-surgical and non-invasion, customer just need to sit on chair and close eyes and put whole face at right place, then operator click shoot, only 2 seconds can finish the picture taking, 3-5 minutes can finish whole analysis, after analysis, then system will generate the report automatically, accurate and fast, can be a really perfect skin tester.

What skin analyzer can exactly tell you ? 

Skin analyzer can detect totally 9 skin problems including surface problems: spot like freckle, acne marks, pigmented nevus, big pores; wrinkles; skin roughness as well as deep skin problems like Hyper-pigmentation; closed acne; moisture state; skin sensitivity and skin properties.


30 million HD pixels

8 spectral imaging technology

AI automatic face recognition

Deep learning technology

3D simulation technology

Cloud computing cloud storage

Machine Detail pictures: