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professional Q-switch long pulsed ND YAG laser hair removal diode laser
    Publish time 2018-11-16 19:15    
Introduction of long pulsed ND Yag laser:

Long pulsed Nd Yag laser is a solid state laser capable of producing a near-infrared wavelength that penetrates deep into the skin and is readily absorbed by hemoglobin and melanin chromophores.

The lasing medium of Nd Yag laser is a man-made crystal that is pumped by a high intensity lamp and placed into a resonator (a cavity capable of amplifying the power of the laser). By creating a  variable long pulse duration and an appropriate spot size, it is possible to significantly heat deep skin tissues, such as large blood vessels and vascular lesions. Meantime the laser could heat the deep hair follicles while not damage the superfacial skin tissue, so it’s a most ideal choice for dark skin, especially the type IV-VI. 

What makes long pulsed Nd Yag laser different?
1.More safe for dark skin than other laser series machine
2.Multi-functional than other hair removal laser, not only for hair removal, also for vascular lesion, pigment removal and skin rejuvenation.
3.Large spot size, quick treatment, save time

Functions of long pulsed ND YAG laser:
1.Hair removal pain-free mode of hair removal tightening
3.crystal skin cleansing
4.Acne-in comparison with blue light therapy,effect is much better with higher recovery rete
5.Onychomycosis treatment
6.Vascular skin lesions