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New designed Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber Facial Cleanser
    Publish time 2016-08-14 18:44    

modern design, powerful

DeviceTechnical Features:
This device use 25 KHz ultrasonic vibration with nano technology, this vibration can penetrate into skin
3-7mm, make skin temperature increasing, improve cell metabolism, accelerate
microcirculation and make metabolism reflux. By converting of Ion, increasing permeability of
membrane, make the fatty acid mutate into CO2 and H2O, the volume of fat cells become smaller. If
you match with the skin care cream or liquid, it will be more effective for face beauty.

1.Deep cleaning skin, make skin healthy and beauty.
Keep the skin and Applicator for 45 degree, this operation method can speed up the skin cells metabolic
rate, so that make aging and irregular variation cells were shedding. Soften skin corneum,
rearrange epidermal cells, which can restore skin elasticity, and make skin tighten and smooth.

2. Nutrition import , activating the skin
Using ultrasonic vibration and warm principle promote blood circulation, accelerate lymphatic drainage.
Extract toxins and remove aging cells, avoid excessive accumulation of stratum corneum cells.
Ultrasound can make skin absorb the water quickly, and enhance the permeability of cells,
moisturizing skin, the skin can fully absorb the nutrients, change and improve the skin tone,
remove skin dark and brighten skin.

3.Tapping massage, eliminate wrinkles.
With the age increased, the body physiological function decreased, cell metabolism slows down and
skin renewal period will be extended, epidermal cells arranged in decline and will have sagging skin.
This device can assistant to restore skin elasticity and removal wrinkles.

25KHz Ultrasonic
Galvanic Ion: positive ion and Negative
PAD massage
Treatment method: 1-2times/week ,20-30 minutes/time
Match with Skincare product :Gels, skin essence
Work style :Rechargeable type


1. Remove the acne without pain
2. Clean the smallpox
3. Clean cuticle
4. Remove wrinkle
5. Remove melanin of the skin

Ultrasonic Peeling Material:

Korea ABS+ stainless steel

Loosens and removes oil, dirt and cellular debris from follicles for cleaner, healthier skin.